Azerbaijani doctor promising to care veterans till end of her life


Azerbaijani doctor promising to serve families of martyrs and veterans at no charge till end of her life

World history includes countless moments of wars resulted in defeats, surrenders or victories. But there are a few triumphs gained in 44 days or less. The 10th of November was engraved in Azerbaijan’s history with golden letters. As a result of 44-day long counter-offensive operations Azerbaijani army destroyed Armenia’s military forces that formed during the last 30 years and consequently the enemy was compelled to raise the white flag. 

As Armenia conceded defeat, the Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent regions which had been under occupation for 30 years returned to its rightful owner. If only 4 districts and the city of Shusha, as well as 4 settlements, 286 villages and numerous strategic heights had been liberated in the six-week war, after Armenia’s capitulation other three regions Aghdam, Kalbajar and Lachin were freed from the occupant’s army. Armenian troops that were established in 30 years withstood just 44 days, thus the myth of invincibility of the Armenian army was shattered. 

Azerbaijanis stood up for justice under the leadership of President, Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and chased the enemy out like dogs. Azerbaijani troops destroyed all military equipment of Armenia and dealt a devastating blow to its armed forces within a short period of time by implementing new military strategy and using modern weapons. 

Highly professional military operations for liberation of the occupied territories carried out by Azerbaijani army will likely bring big changes for the military doctrines all over the world. The combat operation to liberate the city of Shusha in mountainous areas is the brightest page in military history of Azerbaijan.

During the 44-day long war everyone showed solidarity. By demonstrating unity adults and children, the rich and the poor, all Azerbaijanis did their best to support servicemen and soldiers fighting for their homeland. Some of them prepared meal and delivered it to them, while others gathered in groups and sent warm clothes to the soldiers. One of the heroes fighting at the back line during the six-week war was Azerbaijani doctors. Some physicians were involved in working on the frontline, but others tried to take care of the martyred soldiers’ family or war veterans outside the battlefield.

A prominent neurologist Jale Garayeva is one of those doctors who promised to examine family members of martyrs and war veterans free of charge till the end of her life. Since the Patriotic War started on September 27, by using her social network account, she has always called out the families of martyrs and veterans to appeal in case they need any medical assistance.

“Today if I live and sleep safely at home, I owe to our soldiers for it. As long as I work as a doctor, I will always serve the families of martyrs and veterans free of charge. This service is not just only about receiving and examining them. I have also promised to provide them with necessary tests and make a correct diagnosis at no charge. And I will continue to do so,” she wrote on her social network account. 

“I will serve not just only as a doctor, but as their sister I’m also ready to support them,” she continued adding that it was honor to take care of those who chose the death for the future of their homeland.

“Taking into account that I have served as a military doctor for a long time, I should have been with our soldiers from the beginning of the war. Today if we proudly say “Karabakh is Azerbaijan”, we owe to our martyrs and veterans for it. It is privilege for me to serve them. Having a tiny role in the victory as a doctor is a great pleasure for us. Karabakh is ours, Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” she concluded her message.